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First Look: 2018 Trek SessionOpen in a New Window

All new carbon framesets for both 27.5 and 29 inch wheels for Trek's downhill race bike


Eating Gluten-Free If You Don't Have Celiac Disease Can Put Your Health At RiskOpen in a New Window

Unnecessary all-or-nothing food restrictions can be unhealthy if you're not careful to balance your diet in other ways.


First Look: Blackburn RaceDay TrainerOpen in a New Window

A super-light trainer and compact trainer for race day, or just a small apartment


I'll Never Forget Riding With Nicky HaydenOpen in a New Window

Decades ago, this cycling journalist spent a few hours on a flat track with the legendary moto racer. The strongest memories are not of Hayden's rare talent, but of his generosity and passion for all things two wheels.


9 Ways Sports Psychologists Motivate Themselves To ExerciseOpen in a New Window

Sports psychologists reveal their top tips for sticking with an exercise regimen without letting life get in the way


How to Tell if You Need a New Bike ChainOpen in a New Window

Is it time for a bike chain replacement? This guide to measuring your chain wear should help you decide.


Mavic Wheels Just Got CheaperOpen in a New Window

The company drops pricing, and re-introduces mountain bike apparel to the US


Athlete Logs Strava's Billionth ActivityOpen in a New Window

The popular social fitness app reached a major milestone recently, with cyclists playing a big part


'How Often Should I Really Be Peeing?'Open in a New Window

We asked doctors to decode the mysteries of going number one


First Look: The Specialized Turbo VadoOpen in a New Window

Specialized’s new electric assist bike is a thoroughly capable commuter that makes road riding tons of fun


This Is The Best-Selling Facial Sunscreen On Amazon—And It’s Totally NontoxicOpen in a New Window

Learn why people are freaking out about this sunblock.


10 Top Bicycling Reddit Questions AnsweredOpen in a New Window

From buying a new bike to tattoo advice, we take a crack at some of Reddit's top cycling-themed questions


Toilet Stop Hurts Race Leader's Shot at Giro OverallOpen in a New Window

Going Number Two impacted cyclist Tom Dumoulin's shot at retaining his Number One position in the Giro d'Italia


Nicky Hayden Dies After Car-Bike CrashOpen in a New Window

The American motorcycle racer was known for his talent, charisma, and love of cycling


​This 10-Minute Trick Will Wake You Up More Than Caffeine DoesOpen in a New Window

​If you can’t stomach another cup of coffee, try this instead


ZeroTech's Dobby Pocket Drone Is a Flying Selfie StickOpen in a New Window

This jersey-pocket-sized drone has some cool applications for cyclists


First Look: Vittoria Terreno Tires and Elusion Disc WheelsOpen in a New Window

Vittoria’s new Terreno CX tires go above and beyond, and the tubeless-ready Elusion Disc wheels are good for both road and gravel duty


How to Have a Successful DIY Training Camp​Open in a New Window

​Training camps aren't just for pro teams— try your own for big results


6 Recipes That Prove The Instant Pot Is A Freaking Miracle WorkerOpen in a New Window

Wondering what to make with this shiny new appliance? Here’s where you can start.


Gut Science Is the Future of HydrationOpen in a New Window

Understanding your microbiome might be the key to making sports drinks work better


7 Mountain Biking Tips From Oskar Blues Brewery Founder Dale KatechisOpen in a New Window

The Longmont, Colorado-based brewer and founder of hand-welded bicycle company REEB shares his singlespeed, fat bike, and trail beer wisdom


Pro Cyclist Rescues Abandoned Kitten on a Ride in the Cutest WayOpen in a New Window

​Viitor Fonseca came back from a training ride with a furry new best friend tucked safely in his cycling jersey


6 Desserts You'd Never Guess Are VeganOpen in a New Window

Six desserts that are so rich and delicious, you'd never even guess they were vegan


The Right Way to Warm Up for Every RideOpen in a New Window

Warming up before a ride helps you kick things into gear and ward off injury. Get the most out of warmups by going through this five-stage method every time.


​The Major Diet Change That Helped This Man Lose Nearly 70 PoundsOpen in a New Window

​Here’s how 32-year-old Gates Garcia finally found a plan that worked for him


Exactly What You Need To Bike To Work—According to a Cycling ProfessionalOpen in a New Window

What to wear, safety tips—and what to do if there’s no shower at the office


The Black Mountain Cycles Road Might Be the Most Underrated Bike of 2017Open in a New Window

This steel road bike takes big tires, rides like a dream, and costs just $595 for the frameset


VeloToze Are a Unique Approach to Shoe CoversOpen in a New Window

Light, low profile, inexpensive waterproof shoe covers. But…


​The Most Commonly-Prescribed Back Pain Treatment Is WrongOpen in a New Window

The treatment we receive for back problems might be at odds with what experts recommend


6 Unexpected Dangers of a Gluten-Free DietOpen in a New Window

If you don't suffer from celiac disease, ditching gluten might not offer extra nutritional benefits—and worse, could also hurt you in the long run
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