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​The Surprising Health Risk Of Your Gluten-Free DietOpen in a New Window

​You may not want to ditch those bagels quite yet


You Can Own Raleigh's Limited-Edition Track Bike Commemorating Nelson VailsOpen in a New Window

Raleigh is only committing to a small run of its new Cheetah Replica and Cheetah Fast models, but that could change if demand exceeds expectations


Tackle Rough Roads with the K8-S DiskOpen in a New Window

This comfortable Pinarello’s suspension will smooth rough pavement


8 Surprising Signs Of Lung Cancer You Should KnowOpen in a New Window

Some signs of lung cancer are easy to spot, but these more subtle warnings can be easy to miss


The Cervelo RCA Defies More than GravityOpen in a New Window

An insanely light race bike that's crazy-stiff too


Get Into Cyclocross With the Fuji Cross 1.5 DiscOpen in a New Window

Take on the barriers or tear it up on the road with this versatile cyclocross bike


France Just Made It Illegal for Kids to Ride Without a HelmetOpen in a New Window

Riders under 12 will be required to wear a helmet according to a new law that came into affect March 22—and the decision spawned plenty of support and opposition


The 12 Best Foods to Eat When You Hit a Weight-Loss PlateauOpen in a New Window

Feeling frustrated with your weight loss goals? Switch up these simple foods to start seeing results again.


7 Foods You Should Never Eat For BreakfastOpen in a New Window

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so don't mess it up!


What Happens When You Give Up Sugar for Good?Open in a New Window

​One Swedish woman tried it and got a huge surprise


10 Steps to Mastering the Art of the PacelineOpen in a New Window

Increasing your paceline skills will help you ride faster, and with less effort. Here's how.


I Did 30 Burpees For 15 Days and Here’s What HappenedOpen in a New Window

They’ve been called the most efficient exercise known to humankind, and doing them every single day was more rewarding than I could have imagined.


Cyclist Sings His Way to Personal Space on the Bike PathOpen in a New Window

Fed up with pedestrian traffic? Take a cue from cyclist Noam Osband, whose decision to sing a tune set to the Star Wars Main Theme while cycling recently earned him some elbow room—and made him go viral.


​8 Reasons to Do An Abs Workout TodayOpen in a New Window

​A strong core doesn't just look good—it benefits your health in a number of ways


American Coryn Rivera Claims First World Tour Win at Trofeo Alfredo BindaOpen in a New Window

The 24-year-old sprints to an impressive finish in Italy


How to Get Your Sh*t Together to RideOpen in a New Window

Organize your gear the right way, and you'll never show up to a ride without your cycling shoes again


Help Women and Girls Worldwide Start Riding This Mother’s DayOpen in a New Window

World Bicycle Relief and Cyclofemme team up on fundraiser and ride that will bring bikes to rural areas—and you're the key to their success


6 Fun Facts About Donuts and BikesOpen in a New Window

The cycling-confection connection is strong—just look at these numbers


The Best Rides Don't Always Have HillsOpen in a New Window

These six incredible low-elevation rides will make you forget all about KOMs


Spot Skin Cancer EarlierOpen in a New Window

When it comes to skin cancer, sometimes the best defense is an early offense


The Best Road Bike Tire Just Got BetterOpen in a New Window

Vittoria’s new Corsa Open clincher road tire, now made with graphene, offers the legendary smoothness of the Open Corsa CX, with added durability


​The Hardest, Most Effective No-Equipment Workout You’ll Ever DoOpen in a New Window

​This circuit turns your legs into high-horsepower pistons and shreds your abs


Stand Out with the Basso Diamante MAAPOpen in a New Window

This speedy race bike has some serious pizazz


The Best New Nutrition Products for Cyclists in 2017Open in a New Window

Whether you eat paleo, gluten free, Whole30, or simply for taste or performance, there’s a new ride fuel for you


5 Times Tacos Made Bike Rides EpicOpen in a New Window

These five stories show that any ride can go down in the annals of cycling history with a primely timed taco


The 8 Best Fitness Watches To Track Your Workouts​Open in a New Window

The future is now


Cyclists Break the Law to Stay Safe, Study FindsOpen in a New Window

Research shows what we've always known: That when we roll a stop sign, we're not trying to tick off drivers, but to make it home alive.


The Worst Things You Can Do to Your Body on St. Paddy's Day (BESIDES Drinking)Open in a New Window

Chugging beers isn't the only way you might be hurting yourself this weekend


Flat Bars Are Fast with the Masi Caffe CorsaOpen in a New Window

This sprightly and versatile flat-bar road bike makes riding just about anywhere more fun


7 Apps That Will Make Losing Weight So Much EasierOpen in a New Window

Experts and regular guys who use these apps swear by them
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C * 15-30 * MD * 10:00 AM * Friday Lunch Ride * Veirs Mill Park (VMP)

CC/B * 35 * MD * 11:00 AM * Bud Bike Friday * Buddy Attick Park (BUD) * 50°

Featured Members
Matthew BirnbaumMatt was the Chair of the Club in 2015 and 2016.
Linda B. KolkoLinda is the C Ride Coordinator for MD & DC.