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How To Lead a Ride
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Ride leaders are the heart and soul of Potomac Pedalers.  Without them we wouldn't have a club.  We encourage all members to lead rides and to support our organization.  Plus, it's fun; it's a great way to meet other members; and you get to pick your favorite ride to lead!

Becoming a Ride Leader is easy.  Just follow steps below and you'll be ready to roll in no time! If you have never lead a ride before, and want guidance or have questions, you have a few options: speak to a current ride leader and ask to co-lead a ride, contact a ride coordinator, attend the annual Ride Leader Training in the spring, or contact one of our Ride Leader Mentors below for more information. 

Submitting Your Ride

  1. Pick your favorite ride from our cue sheet library or create your own ride that meets our guidelines
  2. You'll need to gather all the details such as time, date address, etc.
  3. Go to our Submit a Ride page and locate the Ride Coordinator who is responsible for the jurisdiction and class of ride that you're leading.
  4. One of our Ride Coordinators will review your submission and they'll either post the ride in our schedule, or contact you with questions 
  5. We attempt to maintain a balance of all ride classifications in each jurisdiction - DC, MD and VA.  If we already have a similar ride scheduled for that day, we'll ask you for an alternate date.  The sooner you submit your ride, the better chance it has to make the schedule.
  6. Rides submitted by the 5th of the month will be published in our Pedal Patter newspaper the following month.  Earlier submissions receive priority over later submissions.

Preparing For Your Ride
  1. As you approach your ride date, review your route and note any changes such as road construction, and update your cue sheet if necessary
  2. Make copies of your cue sheets. 15-30 is usually enough.  You can review your participant roster online to gauge the level of interest in your ride.  Some rides attract 10 people and others attract 50.
  3. Print the Ride Sign In Sheet from our website
The Day of Your Ride - Before you head out
  1. If the weather is threatening, post an update in the Ride News Forum on our website.  Participants will look to you for a go, or no-go decision early in morning.  It's best to make this decision at least 2 hours before your ride.  You can even do this the night before the ride if the weather forecast is ominous.
  2. Print the participant roster from your ride listing on our website just before you leave home
The Day of Your Ride - After you've arrived
  1. Show up at the ride start at least 20 minutes before your ride
  2. Ask each participant who registered online to identify themselves so that you can check them off of the roster that you printed this morning.  They do not need to sign the sign in sheet.
  3. Ask each participant who did not register online to sign the sign in sheet.  Remind them that online registration will soon be mandatory and to register online for all future rides
  4. At the designated start time, give a pre-ride speech about route changes, road hazards, traffic, yourself, or anything else pertinent to the ride
  5. Ask if anyone is new to the club and if they want to find a riding partner or just need a little extra attention
  6. Ask if anyone is not a Potomac Pedalers member and urge them to join.  We only want non-members to attend one ride before joining.
  7. Tell everyone to get going and to have a good time!
During Your Ride
  1. You may ride in the front; ride in the back or anywhere else that you please.  We only ask that you ride at the pace of your ride class listing.  If it's a CC ride, than please ride at a CC pace.
  2. Converse with other riders and help to make it a memorable day.  We want to make a good impression on all of our participants. 
  3. If your ride has a rest stop, it's a good idea to stay at the rest stop until all riders have passed through.  If anyone is struggling, you'll be able to assist them at the rest stop.
After Your Ride
  1. Scan your sign in sheet and send it to Dan Lehman for our records

That's it. You now know all of the basic information on how to lead a ride!

Please read our Ride Leader Safety page which covers what to do in case of emergency.

more Ride Schedule

C (MH) * 21-29 * MD * 10:00 AM * Glen Echo Loops * Glen Echo (GLE)

B/BB * MD * 15-25 * 12:30PM * Thursday Noon Training Ride Bethesda * Marriott HQ loading dock

Featured Members
Linda B. KolkoLinda is the C Ride Coordinator for MD & DC.