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Read the Ride Schedule
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When you look at our Ride Schedule you'll see a that the ride title has a combination of letters, numbers, time, location, temperature, etc.  We format the title this way so that you can see as much information as possible without having to look at the ride details.  All it takes is one quick glance to see if this is a ride that interests you.

Below is an example of a ride schedule title with an explanation of the abbreviations.

CC * 35 * MD * 11 AM * Buddy Attick Park (BUD) * 44-49°

Ride Classification

Mileage of Ride

Maryland Ride

11 AM
Starting Time

Buddy Attick Park (BUD)
Starting Location Name and Abbreviation

Temperature Must Be Above 44º or Ride is Cancelled

You may also see:

Flat Ride - Usually bike paths

Mostly Flat - Mostly flat terrain with some hills

Mostly Hilly - Mostly hilly terrain with some flat sections

Hilly Ride - The pace will be slower and the ride will be harder

Humidity Must be Below This Level

Other symbols or initials depending upon season

more Ride Schedule

C (MH) * 21-29 * MD * 10:00 AM * Glen Echo Loops * Glen Echo (GLE)

B/BB * MD * 15-25 * 12:30PM * Thursday Noon Training Ride Bethesda * Marriott HQ loading dock

Featured Members
Linda B. KolkoLinda is the C Ride Coordinator for MD & DC.