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Help - Search for Rides
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With over 1,000 club rides each year, Potomac Pedalers members often ask us what's the best way to find a ride suitable for me?  Our ride schedules offer different views and several filters so that you can quickly zero-in on that perfect ride.

There are two ride schedule views -

  1. List View
  2. Calendar (month) View

List View is a chronological listing of upcoming rides arranged by time and date.  For example, an 8:00am ride will be listed before a 9:00am ride.  And a Friday ride will be listed before a Saturday ride. 

Calender View is an interactive popup calendar presented in a familiar wall calendar format.   

To see the List View, click on Ride Schedules> Pedalers Club Rides  - Image Below  

Category filter (circled in Green) - Click drop-down to filter rides
Date (circled in Purple) - Friday's rides are listed before Saturday's rides

Time (circled in Red) - 9:45am ride lists before 10:00am ride 



Filtering List View by Location

Let's say that you live in Maryland and you only want to consider Maryland rides.  Click on the category filter, select Maryland (circled in Red) and you'll now be presented with only Maryland rides (circled in Green). 



Filtering List View by Ride Class

Let's say that you're a CC rider and you only want to consider CC rides.  Click CC Rides (circled in Red) and only rides with a CC class appear (circled in Green).  Rides will appear whether they're a single class CC or a multi-class ride containing a CC option. 



Calendar (month) View
You can use the Calendar View in conjunction with the filters above.  The calendar offers many advanced features.  Select Month View (circled in Purple) and a popup calender appears.
  • You can filter by Location or Ride Class (circled in Green)
  • You can list rides for an upcoming week by clicking on View Week (circled in Blue) on right side of page
  • If you hover your mouse over a ride, a popup ride description will appear - therefore you can scan the entire month's rides on one screen without a single mouse click
  • Click on a day - for example the Number 6 (circled on Black) - and you'll see rides listed only from that day



Filter Results

By selecting the CC Ride Class and the Number 6 (July 6th above), you'll be presented with only CC Rides on July 6th. Result is the one ride listed below.




So be sure to take advantage of viewing the ride schedule in Calendar View and utilizing the search filters to find your perfect ride.  Be sure to Register for the Ride - click here for registration instructions.


more Ride Schedule

C (MH) * 21-29 * MD * 10:00 AM * Glen Echo Loops * Glen Echo (GLE)

B/BB * MD * 15-25 * 12:30PM * Thursday Noon Training Ride Bethesda * Marriott HQ loading dock

Featured Members
Linda B. KolkoLinda is the C Ride Coordinator for MD & DC.